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PeorGrace Accounting & Business Consulting Incorporated
PeorGrace Accounting & Business Consulting Incorporated
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    We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. You'll feel respected in your conversations with our professional team. We'll stay in touch with you following our in-person meetings, ensuring your business remains on the right path.

    Major Competencies 

    Critical Thinking

    Tax planning

    Risk Management

    Corporate & Business Reporting

    Financial Management




    Stakeholder Inclusion

    Innovative Ideas

  • Our Services

    We're proud to offer a variety of business services that touch on every facet of your company. Our services are designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs reach their goals. Browse through our website to learn how we'll help your strategy, operations and more.

  • Experienced Professionals

    Our team is filled with current and former professionals in every part of your business, including Business Consulting, financial Analysis, accounting, corporate strategy and more.  Each professional team member holds many years of formalized education and experience in their respective field.

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    PeorGrace Accounting & Business Consulting Inc. goal is to deliver secure book keeping enabling you to focus more time on your priorities. We also help you maneuver around tax prep troubles, discover unseen revenue, and make running your business a lot smoother. 

    Services : 

    ·    Account payable management

    ·    Account receivable management

    ·   Perfomance Managements

    ·    Business Model & Innovation

    Working capital cycle analysis 

    ·    Taxation

    ·    Inventory management

    ·    GST/HST returns managements

    Payroll Management

    WSIB / EHT Reports

    Financial Analysis

    Consolidated financial Reporting



    If you are a sole proprietor or self-employed business owner, you are the boss of your own business. You will gain extra taxes and reporting, however its possible to also gain access to certain business tax deductions. We help self-employed business owners complete their self employed tax returns without missing any deadline. You may fall in the category of:

    ·        Realtors

    ·        Consultants

    ·        Doctors

    ·        Dentists

    ·        Small business owners

    ·        Chiropractors

    ·        Franchises

    ·        Restaurants

    ·        Massage Therapists

    ·        Contractors

    ·        Freelance Consultants

    ·        IT Consultants

    ·        Saloon

    Petrol Stations

​Payroll Management

Managing the day to day operations of a business can be cumbersome and time consuming

PeorGrace Accounting & Business Consulting Inc. can take away these challenges off your  you so that you concentrate on other activities

We ensure all deadlines are met, bring to light other means of generating revenue.

So you can relax and enjoy what you know how to do best.

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Financial Statement
​& Sustainability Analysis

Financial statements are required annually by shareholders, management, and for tax purpose 

We will help you with preparation of financial statements that are comprehensive, reliable and accurate to make informed financial decisions.

We prepare 

Statement of Comprehensive Income

Statement of Financial Position

Statement of Cash flow

Statement of changes in Equity

Disclosure requirement

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Corporate, Capital gain & Personal Income Taxes

We ensure all your Tax credit available to you are collected.

There are Tax credits available to Ontarians but its takes a seasoned tax analyst to discover them.

Why don't you call in today to know whether you qualified.

Eg Disability Tax Credit,GST Housing rebate,

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Self Employed / Contract employees

These are the people that work as  contractors for organisation and the earning are not tax deductable. You are required to prepare remit your income directly to CRA. We can help you set up monthly payroll and pay your deduction directly without missing any deadline

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Small Businesses
​Charitable Organizations

Restaurant, Gas Stations,laundry businesses, software developers, construction companies, Tutoring business, walk -in -clinics. Dental clinics etc.

We will ensure all your returns are filled on time.

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Special Services

We also offer quickbooks training, quickbooks set up, Due Diligence for Merger & Acquisitions.

Business Plans preparation for loan approval we have access to all the banks requirement for loan approval.

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Business Plans Preparation

We assist our clients with the preparation of comprehensive business plans to get a loan to support their business growth.
We always work with most banks to determine the features they expected to see in the business plans to enable them grant the loans.
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Due Diligence for Acquisitions

At PeorGrace Accounting, we assist our clients to investigate the pros and cons of purchasing a new business so as determine the viability and profitability of the business. Our due diligence report guarantee to give you better negotiations power and take advantage of all the benefits that comes with merger and acquisitions.

Personal Income Tax

Our personal Income tax service will get you a huge refund because we will take our time to ensure we capture all the allowable expenses necessary to get you the refund you are truly eligible to claim without any CRA hassles. 
 Uber and Lyft drivers, house rental businesses, Capital gains Tax, T4A Slips and other foreign Income Tax Services.Get in touch with us today for all your tax issues.




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